Limone offers tourists many opportunities to make best to enjoy their stay . What goes back to the involvement of both the community and the tourist offices of Limone, as they manage that the guests are falling in love with the place and its inhabitants…

A stay in Limone consists not only of pleasant relaxation in the sun or at the lake, but also the opportunity to plunge into the hinterland to discover the healthy and unspoiled nature, a paradise for lovers of walking, hiking, mountain bike riders and “Sky” – runners. One of the first glances, the lake offers, is to look at its waters dotted with white sails and acrobatic surfers who perform their crazy maneuvers. Many local schools giving beginners the opportunity to approach this fascinating sport.

Great attraction the “Limonaia del Castel, witness of glorious past.
Large white walls and columns that surround the lemon gardens, right here in the historic center. After a renovation in 1995, the access for the tourists is possible. High demand: departures by boat, an adventure, a visit to the Northern Garda. Connectivity to all areas of Lake Garda. Breathtaking view! Recommended…

Possible excursions to the cities of art of Northern Italy.
Venice, Florence, Milan, Mantua and Verona visited with an organized tour, where you can breathe the magical atmosphere.

For the passionate connoisseur of food and wine, we recommend visits to dairies, beekeeping, wineries and historic mills.

The shopping “made in Italy”, ranges here on Lake Garda from estimated small artisans and their niche products to the major brands, tourists will find here definitely something and will be satisfied.

Ask here at the hotel, for anything you might be interested, discounts cards or other materials. And much more is at your disposal, download the new app ilimone, a quick guide, with lots of pictures that will help you to resolve any problem.

Let’s start right away on vacation!